Top 5 Ways To Manage Stress

Top 5 Ways To Manage Stress

As employees we are all susceptible to the rate of wear and tear on our minds and bodies from workplace, life and environmental issues.
Stress is natural and necessary for our daily survival, however it is important that we handle it with the right techniques so it doesn’t become a burden on our life.
In the workplace, stress (no matter what the source) can be detrimental to our performance, motivation levels and overall mental health. There are a few easy ways that help lighten the load at times of particular pressure.

1. Exercise
Find time to go for a walk, run, play sport, or go to the gym. Not only does exercising improve your physical fitness but also has a positive effect on your mind as the endorphins we produce stimulate our emotional state. Incorporate this into your day to day routine and the results will speak for themselves.

2. Diet:
The fuel your body receives has a significant impact on your mood and your energy levels. Research reveals that someone with a healthy and balanced diet is much less stressed than those with poor diets. Keep in mind that fresh foods contain high levels of vitamins and minerals that balance our system. Foods that can aggravate stress include, caffeine, sugar, fast food, some meats and cheese.
To read more about diet and stress management click on the link Foods that help you stress less.

3. Relaxation
It is important to have quality time with yourself. Whether this be doing a hobby of yours, having a cup of tea, or incorporating yoga or meditation techniques into your life. This helps you shut-out and close off from things that put you under pressure. Keeping balance and peace of mind is key to success.
It has been proven that technology stimulates the mind. It is recommended to cease using computers, tablets and smart phones bed at least two hours prior to going to sleep.

4. Talk
It is important to express and share your feelings if you may be unsettled towards a particular issue or situation. The things that you keep bottled up only weigh you down more as time passes, making matters worse for your mental functionality. Talking with someone lightens the load and can give you opportunity to receive support and obtain a different perspective on the matters at hand. If you don’t talk no one can help you resolve the situation.

5. Plan and Organize:

Manage your time better, this may include listing out your duties on a day-to-day and weekly basis. Mapping out your responsibilities allows you to designate ample time for each matter so you can work through them in a calm and systematic approach. Ensure that you don’t over complicate what you need to do, this only piles on added pressure and you may end up in a bigger frazzle than you started. Be assertive about your competence and stay positive.

It is your choice to look at stress if it’s a threat or a challenge. Identify the source of stress, identify how you manage it and integrate some of these tips to lead a happier and healthier personal and workplace life.

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